Tuesday, June 5, 2007

It's finally done!

Wow. We've finally booked all our hotels! It took us one month total, as we had to research each area, figure out location and price, email each hotel or B & B, wait for a reply, and then confirm. Our travel agent at BCAA wasn't familiar with the places we were traveling to, so we did it all on our own. At first we wanted a hotel in each city with A/C and then we became adventerous and booked B & B's. I hope they turn out OK!
I called 4 places today, 3 B & B's and 1 hotel, and the people I spoke with had such neat accents and said things like "fantastic" and "lovely" and "thank you my love", and I just loved listening to them! I think my favourite part of the trip will be people watching.
The Cardiff hotel was the most difficult to find and book. Most of the places don't have triple rooms, which means 1 double bed, and 1 single bed. We spent the most time looking for a hotel there. We really wanted to stay in Bath but it's very expensive, and the nice B & B's are far from the railway station.
So Cardiff is our base for 4 days, as we explore the England and Wales countryside. We plan to visit Bath & Avebury on one day, and Cardiff and the Rhondda Valley on 2 days, then Tintern Abbey on our way up to Haworth, Yorkshire, which is the next leg of the journey after Cardiff.
I wonder what it's really like over there...

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Toni said...

I'm really excited for you, Loretta!!!! You'll just love England! York and the Lake Distict are sooooooooo beautiful! You won't want to come home! I'm so glad you got all your accomodations worked out. Now you can relax and enjoy everything!
Did you pack your suitcase as in the video? I thought that was pretty neat! I only hope the customs people don't mess up your suitcase when checking through it. Don't forget to put a colourful ribbon or something on your suitcase to identify it! I'm really excited for you, and will be thinking of you everday!
P.S.- Did you remember to buy an extra memory card for your camera? Also, don't forget your camera charger!! I can hardly wait to see all your lovely pictures! Have a fabulous time, Loretta!!