Thursday, April 4, 2019

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Our 37th wedding anniversary.

I still say "I do!"


....and now!
Me more, my darling!  xo

Sunday, March 17, 2019

One year without Kelsie...

Today is March 17, 2019.
A whole year has passed by since Kelsie died.
I've been thinking so much about her this weekend.
The other night she was in my dreams all night long.
The other week I heard her collar jingle from the laundry room. Truly. She will always remain a part of me.

These photos in this post were taken on April 28, 2009; ten years ago on Kelsie's 8th birthday. Oh the happy days when dear Dad could see, and he and Mom would walk over to visit, sit a while, and walk back home. This was one of the happiest times of my life. I tried so hard not to take it for granted. Dad was 79 in this picture, and Mom was 75. Kelsie loved it when they visited.

This lovely home and beautiful garden is long gone, on Aberdeen Street and Vanness. Everything is so ugly now. No one plants tulips or has a garden. 

Kelsie's 8th birthday cake. 

A walk in the evening too, under the gorgeous Kanzan cherry trees.

What are they looking at? We often wandered far from home. Kelsie was ecstatic. On this occasion, we had given Matthew a lift home. He used to live in this area. I had actually forgotten until I looked at the street signs! So Kelsie had a car ride too, on her birthday. She adored car rides.

Then she would sleep very well at night. Sometimes she would bark softly in her sleep. 
Good night, dear little dog. An era is at an end. 

By Loretta Houben

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Happy 30th birthday, Matthew!

Today, February 9th, Matthew is 30!
Who can believe it?
It's amazing how the years have flown by.
I'm sure to Matthew they didn't seem that quick, but to me his mother they seem like a dream.

I had wanted to celebrate all three big 0 birthdays together...but it may not happen. Robert is turning 60 this year, and Dad is turning 90! The picture above is Matthew's meal; tilapia fish.

Tonight we went out for dinner at the James Street Cafe on Canada Way and Smith in Burnaby BC. It has a delicious African/East Indian cuisine. We love the flavour.

This was my dish; masala potatoes and choma chicken.

Robert had the curried prawns with Indian tea.
Last weekend we went to Chilliwack and had lunch at Dickens Sweets, meeting Margaret, Wim and Antoon there. Tuesday evening we had dinner here at home, then went to my parents home for homemade brownie cake.
So we celebrated three times!
I'll post photos of that in another entry.
I'm so glad we were blessed with dear Matthew. He has been a joy to us, and so kind and loving. He still makes me laugh. I still miss him living at home, although it now seems like a very long time ago that he did live here, as he moved away over 10 years ago now. We wish the best for him in his life ahead in his 30's. May God bless him and may Matthew find his true delight and joy in the Lord one day.

By Loretta Houben

Monday, December 17, 2018

9 months ago...

This was Christmas Eve last year, in 2017; Kelsie's last Christmas. It was 9 months ago today she died. This whole year has felt very flat and 2 dimensional. I guess you would say I'm dearly attached to living things, including pets. What will I do when my loved ones die? 

I still miss Kelsie a great deal. But I can go whole days now without feeling angst. I just feel a loss, like something sweet is perpetually missing or misplaced. For Christmas this year, I hung her stocking in her room. She loved that stocking so much. It has bells and jingles when it's shaken. Yes, we always put out her stocking which she loved to open on Christmas morning. Last year she wasn't greatly interested. She seemed tired a lot.

Here she is trying to see what's inside.

This was a gift from Mom and Dad. They loved to spoil her at Christmas. 

Kelsie really liked this squeak toy; the only thing she was interested in. She played with it quite a bit in the few months she had left. In only 3 months she was gone, and I didn't know it was coming, although I did notice she was very tired and old and loved to sleep a great deal.
I still cry when I remember her. I just want her back so badly. Dear sweet little dog of mine...

By Loretta Houben

Monday, September 17, 2018

6 months ago....1/2 year....

6 long months without dear Kelsie.
Things are starting to fade...some of the memories are growing dim, but every once in a while it seems like she is just around the corner. Recently I thought I heard her whine, and Leona heard her collar jingle. So she is still "with us". 

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The first day of school.

I found this image online. 
This is exactly like the notebooks which we received FREE from the Vancouver School board on the first day of school; one for each subject. We also got pencils, eraser, crayons, paste, scissors, etc, all provided for FREE. We didn't get a ball point pen until Grade 3 when we were 8 years old.
My Mom provided the box to keep our supplies in. It was always a used chocolate box, covered in mac-tac paper; sticky on one side, a pattern on the other side. I remember she bought it at Harvey's on Kingsway. We kept the box in our desks, and it was never stolen.

One of the very rare going to school photos I have.
We had a strict dress code in those days. Girls wore dresses and weren't allowed to wear pants. I didn't have a knapsack. I carried my books to school in a plastic bread bag, washed out and dried before using of course. I'm wearing a scarf on my head because I was prone to colds and later ear infections.

Here is Leona in the same year; 1967. She was in Kindergarten, so she was 5. I was 7 and in Grade 2 that year. I absolutely loved school! 

By Loretta Houben