Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Joseph and Elizabeth paternal great grandparents.

2015 will mark a fantastic year for me in genealogy research!
I'll begin with the most recent thing. 
I've sent away for Joseph and Elizabeth Williams marriage certificate.
They were married in 1883.
I asked my genealogy group yesterday how to order a certificate, as I knew the volume and page number for it. They told me it was easy to do online; I no longer had to send pounds sterling through the bank and the mail system.

I was totally relieved to hear that!
I searched online and found this site. 
It's the general register office for births, deaths and marriages in the UK.
I registered and filled out the form, paid with my credit card, and it should be here in 7 days!

Because I'm suddenly becoming so successful at family history, I've started a new
Williams/Palmer GENEALOGY BLOG.
Please click on it to find everything in one place.
I've just begun but will be adding more to it as time allows.
By Loretta Houben

Saturday, September 5, 2015

100 years ago....September 5, 1915

September 5, 1915.
The date on which William Joseph Williams, my great uncle, went to France with the 11th battalion of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. A few months later, the battalion went to Salonika.
I've been reading a fair amount about Salonika, and it isn't a place I would like to be fighting in a war.
However, I'd love to visit the battle fields one day.

My great uncle, younger brother to my grandpa, John Griffith Williams.
I think of him often.
By Loretta Houben

Friday, September 4, 2015

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Happy 60th anniversary, Mom & Dad!

Today, September 3, is my parent's 60th wedding anniversary.
I created a special album for them, and printed the pages and put them in a white binder I purchased from Dollarama as Michael's Craft store had nothing suitable.
The binder has a clear sleeve on the outside, so last night I made a cover for it.
It was fun to work with paper again. It's a medium I enjoy crafting with!
I made each of these pages, plus others, using copies of their original wedding photos.
I layered the photos in the Picmonkey program which is free online.
I upgraded to Royale version so there are more options to choose from.

I always thought my parents looked like movie stars!
My mom was 22 and my dad was 26. They were married in a pretty garden setting at the homestead in Amity Oregon, where my mom was born. I think it's very romantic to be married at the place where you were born and raised. However, my mom dearly wanted a church wedding. At the time, for some strange and unknown reason, the church she attended would not perform marriages in the sanctuary. So you either had to marry at the justice of the peace, rent a hall, or use a garden.
Times changed shortly after that, fortunately, and that church now performs marriages in a proper church building. Another thing that church wouldn't allow, and still don't, is a wedding ring. To me, marriage is a very solemn and holy occasion, and a wedding band represents that state.

I designed this layered card in Picmonkey. It was fun!
I used a lace background, and added a cropped photo of my parents with their wedding gifts.
They opened them after the wedding ceremony, had cake and punch, and dashed off on a trip to the Oregon coast for their honeymoon. They spent a few nights there, then returned to my mom's home with a rented trailer. They loaded up my mom's personal items, including a bedroom set, and headed for the Canadian border along a one lane highway. They arrived late in the evening, and were halted by the border guards to see the paper work for the trailer. Alas, my dad had neglected to fill out any paper work, so they were there until nearly midnight listing the items.

My parents began life in a rented apartment in a house on W 12th Avenue in Vancouver.
The house is still standing. They were on the second floor, and had to share a bathroom.
My mom had a hard time adjusting to city life on a very busy street.
But I'm so glad she and my dad stuck it out all these years.
There were good times and bad, as in every life.
Their love for God made them strong and helped cement their marriage.
In all situations they looked to Him for their strength and hope.

After their first son, Martin James, died due to a premature birth in 1957, they raised four daughters; Loretta, Leona, Marlene, and Marie. They bought three houses in their married life, including a brand new modern home on Monmouth Avenue in Vancouver, close to Sir Wilfred Grenfell School which we all attended. Their 4th home is a condo where they still reside in Burnaby, and where they have been for 17 years.
Happy 60th anniversary, dear Mom and Dad!
God bless you on your special day!
By Loretta Houben

Saturday, August 15, 2015

70 years ago today...

Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt, taken on August 15, 1945.
A very popular photo, and representing the complete joy at hearing the news that WWII had ended with Japan's surrender. The official ending was Sept 2, 1945, but August 15 was known as V-J Day in the USA and Canada.
My Dad was 16 and my Mom was 12.
This was only 15 years before I was born.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Paper dolls.

I found this and the paper dolls below on Pinterest.
If you haven't discovered Pinterest yet, you are in for some eye candy.
Currently I have 53 boards, and 5,712 pins.
I have 643 likes, and 385 followers. Nearly all of them are complete strangers to me!
But it seems we adore the same things.

We've been having extremely HOT weather here in Vancouver BC since May.
It's been the driest, hottest weather ever on record for this stretch of time.
Whew...I've run my A/C unit more than I've ever run it before since we purchased it in 2009.
Tomorrow (July 21) we will go to stage 3 water restrictions, which means no lawn watering, no window washing or washing of property, no car washing, and no pool filling. Wah! 

Everything here is coated in dust. We had a bit of rain a week ago. It was sort of misty though and not a full out Vancouver soaking like we are used to. My hubby loves it as he is half lizard.
I find it interesting but I don't really care for heat. My brain melts into a puddle and I'm very tired.
I can't walk or bike ride. I think I'd collapse if I tried it.

Last evening Robert and I drove to Central Park with Kelsie, and went for a walk under the trees, where it was not at all cool. There wasn't one breeze. It was stifling hot at 8:00 pm. Ugh.
Everything was coated in a thick layer of dust, and tinder dry. I'm sure the torrential rains will return soon enough but for now, it's really weird out there.
By Loretta Houben

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Today is my Mom's 82nd birthday!

Today is my Mom's 82nd birthday.
I created this card for her last week. She loves to receive real cards in the mail.
It's wonderful that Canada Post still delivers to home residences. Soon it will be fazed out.
I used a card stock base from Michael's. I buy the large packages of their cards/envelopes on sale.
I glued a pink polka dot paper to the front, and layered lace, ribbon trim, embellishments, and a printed copy of a design I created using Picmonkey photo program.
The original photo is below, showing my Mom in the corn field with her first birthday cake in 1934.

I think little Susie is so cute. 

Today I created this photo collage using a lovely free image from Wings of Whimsey, a lovely blog I subscribe to. Gunnvor Karita from Norway designs some lovely things.
This is one of my favourite hobbies!
This shows my mom as a young girl in the 1940's picking hops.
It definitely wasn't one of her favourite jobs!

Happy birthday, dearest Mom!
May you have a blessed day and year filled with God's richest blessings.
By Loretta Houben