Thursday, February 9, 2017

Happy 28th birthday, dear Matthew!

28 years ago today I became a mother. We only had one child; our son Matthew. We wanted more, but it wasn't to be. Some things you just have to accept. I'm not sure where the years have gone. I tried to enjoy them all. We've had so many fun times together. 

Matthew was such a placid happy baby. At 2 months he learned how to sleep through the night, and he never bawled his eyes out for no reason. We seemed to understand each other perfectly from the first week. 

The hardest thing was I had an emergency C section as Matthew turned out to be in the breech position, and no one knew it to the last moment. But thankfully the doctors and nurses saved us both, and we've enjoyed the past 28 years of life!

 Matthew was so cute. 
He just became more cute over the years!
These are the only photos I have of his first day of life, as we had a film camera. We didn't get our first digital camera until 12 years later, in 2001.

 This is Matthew's hospital photo. I wonder if they still have those? I have so many sweet and precious memories.
I'm thankful God blessed us with at least one son!

By Loretta Houben

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Vancouver's snow situation.

Up here in Canada we always have warm winters, but every once in a while, around every 20 years or so we get a doozy. This is the Year for the doozy. We've had snow and ICE on the ground for 5 weeks as of Jan 9. (it's not about to melt this weekend) The city of Vancouver has few snow plows so side streets are never ever plowed. In all this time our street was sanded once. For the past 4 weeks, there has been no salt in the stores. (salt for roads and sidewalks) Next year we plan to buy salt in Sept and stock up. LOL Everywhere is extremely treacherous.
How is everyone else faring?
We are supposed to get more snow this evening, then back to below 0 C all next week, then more snow in the future.
By Loretta Houben

Monday, January 2, 2017


Happy New Year!
I can't believe I haven't posted since October.
I got sick at the end of November. I thought it was a simple respiratory cold (which actually are never simple with me anyhow) but it turned into a sinus infection, and it settled in my left ear on Dec 5, where it proceeded to become an inner ear infection. I was quite ill for a while. Even though I was on antibiotics for the sinus infection, my ear didn't unplug for 3 whole weeks. I was very dizzy from the inner ear infection and it was ghastly. I recuperated enough to enjoy Christmas but it was low key with only Matthew here on Christmas Day for dinner. 

It began to snow on December 5th and it hasn't quit. It has snowed seven times total in December. We haven't seen the grass since Dec 4. Kelsie doesn't care for it anymore, poor thing. Here I am after my illness was nearly gone, in one of the blizzards.
It's been quite cold, with temps dropping to -9 C at night. Brrr....our street is never plowed or sanded or salted so it's an ice skating rink out there.

We had a quiet New Year's Eve too, as Leona didn't venture forth due to the ice. Robert and I watched the last episode of "The Crown" on Netflix, and I banged a pot at midnight and popped confetti onto the snow.

New Year's Day was a Sunday, but we didn't go to church. We ventured forth later for lunch at James Bay Cafe, and then went to Central Park for a walk in the gorgeous woods.

There have been some marvelous views in this winter wonderland.
Robert had today off, so after shopping for groceries, we went to Burnaby Village Museum which had free admission. I don't recall ever seeing it in the snow. We had hot chocolate in the cafe. It was delicious. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!
By Loretta Houben

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Prince and the Princess on Tour in Canada

The young Royal family visited British Columbia Canada from September 23 to October 2, 2016.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Kate) brought their darling children, Prince George and  Princess Charlotte with them. Of course I didn't see them in person, but the internet is marvelous for photo opportunities.
These photos were found on Pinterest, and were taken by various photographers at Government House in Victoria on Thursday, Sept 29th.

Balloons and farm animals were the order of the day.
I love the expressions on little Charlotte's face.

She is just so adorable.

Little Prince George isn't far behind.

Princess Charlotte reminds me of Queen Elizabeth II.

She sat on the patient dog!

I love the clothes that she wears.

Princess Charlotte loved the balloons and spoke her first word in public: pop!

The children were seen three times; when they landed, at the party, and when they left from Victoria. It was a real treat.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Getting rid of Christian or conscientious Doctors in Canada...

I heard on my radio news this morning that Prof Udo Schuklenk (a Cdn bioethicist) said that "Doctors have a professional obligation to put their morals aside and provide you with any legal medical service you need." (whether that is abortion or Dr assisted suicide) He also said “Traditionally we have accepted that there is something honourable about respecting doctors who object on grounds of conscience to the provision of certain professional services and we think we ought to accommodate them,” says Schuklenk, the Ontario research chair in Bioethics at Queen’s University in Kingston. “My problem with this attitude is that I think it is abusive behaviour. When you think about conscientious objection, you’ll find that it’s never a professional decision.”
I found this online:
Many doctors and religious groups oppose his views, calling them an intolerant attack on conscientious objection but Schuklenk says no one is forcing anyone to enter the profession. “When we take up a job, we know perfectly well what we have to deliver in terms of the scope of the job description,” he argues. “All of these doctors knew when they joined the profession that it would include the provision of abortion and it will also soon include the provision of medically aided dying. They also knew that job descriptions can change. Society ultimately decides the scope of the profession. If you don’t like it, do not join the profession.”
This report on the radio, and what I found above online, made me feel really ill. This professor also states that no one forces anyone to become a Dr and if you have conscientious objections due to morals or religious beliefs you should not become a doctor. 
I heard the above this morning on the radio news on News1130, a station I always listen to. I was shocked and appalled. So now we must get rid of all Christian thought, belief, all morals, all kindness to humanity, deny our Christian heritage and teaching, and think like this professor? Suddenly I desire to live in a different country, one with compassion and belief in God; I desire a heavenly country as I don't belong here on earth. But I can't let my light hide under a bushel. I totally disagree with this man. I believe there is a difficult fight ahead of us. I hope we can remain firm and steadfast and true above all to God and His righteousness.
By Loretta Houben

Saturday, September 3, 2016

My parent's 61st anniversary!

Congratulations to my dear parents, Jack & Susie Williams, on their 61st wedding anniversary today!
In today's mixed up world, which doesn't seem to have a clue what true marriage is or how to maintain it, it's amazing that a couple are still together after 61 years.
The government should give them a medal or some acknowledgement, but of course that is probably not feasible.
The marriage was made before God and is precious in His eyes.
He takes note and is aware of the unions made before Him and breakable only by death.
After all, there are no marriages in Heaven; none made and none kept. It's a sobering thought.
May the Lord deeply bless you, dear Mom and Dad.
Love from Loretta & Robert.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My Mother's handmade baby quilt for me:

My Mom, Susie Williams, loves to embroider.
She has always wished to make a proper quilt, but so far has never got around to it.
But in 1960 she made me an adorable embroidered quilt which I still have and I just love it.

The hen and chicks are one of my favourite blocks! 
My Mom's stitching is so neat.
I love the fabric she chose to block the quilt.
This was on my bed for years until I outgrew it.
I used to pretend it was in my covered wagon, in those long ago days when I played Laura Ingalls on top of my bed!

Another of the darling blocks.
I love hand made items, don't you?
By Loretta Williams Houben