Monday, December 17, 2018

9 months ago...

This was Christmas Eve last year, in 2017; Kelsie's last Christmas. It was 9 months ago today she died. This whole year has felt very flat and 2 dimensional. I guess you would say I'm dearly attached to living things, including pets. What will I do when my loved ones die? 

I still miss Kelsie a great deal. But I can go whole days now without feeling angst. I just feel a loss, like something sweet is perpetually missing or misplaced. For Christmas this year, I hung her stocking in her room. She loved that stocking so much. It has bells and jingles when it's shaken. Yes, we always put out her stocking which she loved to open on Christmas morning. Last year she wasn't greatly interested. She seemed tired a lot.

Here she is trying to see what's inside.

This was a gift from Mom and Dad. They loved to spoil her at Christmas. 

Kelsie really liked this squeak toy; the only thing she was interested in. She played with it quite a bit in the few months she had left. In only 3 months she was gone, and I didn't know it was coming, although I did notice she was very tired and old and loved to sleep a great deal.
I still cry when I remember her. I just want her back so badly. Dear sweet little dog of mine...

By Loretta Houben


sheri said...
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sheri said...

Oh, Dear Loretta, I know exactly how you feel. It's so hard to lose a pet. They are family and dogs are so special.I get so attached to people and pets and even places, too.