Saturday, February 9, 2019

Happy 30th birthday, Matthew!

Today, February 9th, Matthew is 30!
Who can believe it?
It's amazing how the years have flown by.
I'm sure to Matthew they didn't seem that quick, but to me his mother they seem like a dream.

I had wanted to celebrate all three big 0 birthdays together...but it may not happen. Robert is turning 60 this year, and Dad is turning 90! The picture above is Matthew's meal; tilapia fish.

Tonight we went out for dinner at the James Street Cafe on Canada Way and Smith in Burnaby BC. It has a delicious African/East Indian cuisine. We love the flavour.

This was my dish; masala potatoes and choma chicken.

Robert had the curried prawns with Indian tea.
Last weekend we went to Chilliwack and had lunch at Dickens Sweets, meeting Margaret, Wim and Antoon there. Tuesday evening we had dinner here at home, then went to my parents home for homemade brownie cake.
So we celebrated three times!
I'll post photos of that in another entry.
I'm so glad we were blessed with dear Matthew. He has been a joy to us, and so kind and loving. He still makes me laugh. I still miss him living at home, although it now seems like a very long time ago that he did live here, as he moved away over 10 years ago now. We wish the best for him in his life ahead in his 30's. May God bless him and may Matthew find his true delight and joy in the Lord one day.

By Loretta Houben

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