Monday, July 30, 2007

Aachen, Germany

We went to Aachen, Germany on Fri July 13th. It was a hot and sunny day; so nice! We visited the Dom Cathedral; amazing stained glass windows. I saw the golden box at the front of the church which holds the remains of Charlemagne. The church has neat statues in the corners and a superb arched ceiling. Tante Jo was exhausted so she stayed at home. I guess we wore her out, and I missed her company.

We got a map and found the church and roamed the streets which surround the cathedral. Whenever I hear the church bells I think of Elizabeth Goudge. Leona would love these places. I feel like I'm in a dream, listening to the German language. I love watching the people. They look so different.

We ate ham, tomato, lettuce and egg buns for lunch. We used Leona's Euros for our drinks, that she had kindly given to us before we left. I never did try the coffee; the tea was always superb! We wondered down a side street, and Matthew and I both spotted a chocolate shop with a miniature house in the window. I went inside the shop and chose 3 miniatures; a cake, a Hummel plate and a cuckoo clock just like my Grandma's, all made in Germany.

Then I saw a Heidi Ott doll and asked to see her up close. The lady said "she's very expensive" but I looked anyhow and we bought her. She is handmade in Switzerland, with human hair. She is darling.

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Write 2 The Point said...

oh i need to see that beautiful doll! But you can keep the smelly graveyard!