Saturday, July 14, 2007

Answers to comments:
Karen, you certainly would NOT want to use those old Roman baths!!! They STINK terribly. They were discovered in the 1940's and were covered up until the 1970's when a musem was built over them. You walk over a bridge above the ruins. They are in the dark. A voice narrates a long winded story about the ruins and a light shines on the place the narrator is talking about. It was so boring we moved on, but I did take one picture.

Marlene, you would love this part of Europe! It's so quaint. Every time I have tea I think of you. It's served in a glass cup, on a little tray with a paper doiley, a tiny tea spoon, a long thin paper holder full of sugar, and on top of the cup is a saucer with the tea bag, and there's also a tiny biscuit that comes with every cup of tea. I've had many cups so far, and each biscuit is different!

Donna, YES!!! I found a Heidi Ott doll in Germany, near the Dom Church, in a really neat shop that sold chocolates and miniatures! I also bought 3 miniatures! The doll is all handmade in Switzerland, with human hair. I spotted her at the same time that Matthew did! Matthew really liked her too. I hope I'm not repeating myself because I don't recall what I've blogged so far. I've written a LOT of postcards so I can't quite remember what I've said there or here and don't have time to go and look. Anyhow the doll is adorable.

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Write 2 The Point said...

Well, I guess you are right--I am such a germaphobe that I would probably hate those baths, but I would still like to see them. They can keep the boring host though, that part I wouldn't enjoy one bit.
My goodness, you are having a ball--i am so happy for you. I have a question, did you have to purchase your rail pass before you left or once you got there? The reason I ask is that my son Sean is leaving for Germany this week and he wants to be prepared.
congrats on the new dollie too! I can't wait to see those pictures.