Saturday, July 14, 2007

We went into the main part of the church, and someone was playing the huge organ at the back. That was so lovely it gave me shivers. I love old churches and organ music. We descended into a room under the altar. It was an ancient crypt holding the remains of Saint Servaas, who was the first bishop of Maastricht, buried there in 380 ad. Can you imagine anything so old? They had candles and flowers there so that wasn't as creepy as the other place. The church is named after him, because it was built around him.
I'm so tired I can't remember what we did next. I think it was window shopping. I bought a piece of coloured Delft ware...very hard to find, and quite expensive. While debating whether I should or shouldn't get it, Mattahew and Tante Jo said BUY IT, so I gave in. Robert had already left the shop as fine china doesn't interest him. He'd gone next door into an old church which had been turned into a BOOK STORE. Can you believe it? I was sad.
We took a horse and buggy ride around the old part of Maastricht (10 Euros each). That was so neat. It's a lovely and ancient town. It's so beautiful. My favourite places in the Netherlands are Haarlem, Nijmegen, and Maastricht. It's even better than I'd ever imagined.
I really should get to bed, as tomorrow we are going to Sevenum to meet a 17th cousin ten times removed. His name is Leo Geurts. It's a 2 hour trip all together but we really love the trains.

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