Saturday, July 7, 2007

Greetings from Haarlem! I finally found a computer here in the lobby of the hotel, and finally bought a card which is quite expensive. I won't be posting much! It is lovely here, despite the wind, rain and squals! We visited Corrie ten Boom's house today. What a woman she was, and what an amazing story of love and forgiveness. We also listened to a concert in St Bavo's church which was built in 1370 and has over 1000 gravestones in the walk on them! The organ was played on by Mozart when he was 10 years old.
We went to Amsterdam yesterday on the train. We saw Anne Frank's house, another neat place which makes you cry. We also went to the Rijksmuseum. I saw many Rembrandt paintings. We were struck with the "Nightwatch".
The Dutch people are very friendly. They talk in a sing song voice. There are literally thousands of bikes everywhere. It's so neat to see them all ride past with little kids hanging on the front or sitting on the helmets at all.
The trip here was very smooth. Our hotel is so clean and lovely. It is easy to catch the bus close by. The train system is very efficient. The food is wonderful although hard to find non spicy.
Well, I'll close before using up all my's 45 minutes for 10 Euros. Things are very expensive here.
Leona, it's so hard to find a phone booth that uses our phone cards! And when we really want to call you, alas, it's midnight at your end of the world! You can try emailing me and I will try to check emails later on.
I might post again before we leave here on Monday. The next leg of the journey will be Nijmegen.
Signing off from Haarlem. Good night!


Bob said...

Glad to hear that you arrived safe and sound. Was praying for your safe arrival. Nice to hear the running account of the places you visited. It has been raining here quite steadily and really hard. Today it is cloudy with the sun peeking through the clouds.
Bob Williams

Margaret, Wim and Dad said...

Hi Loretta,
Delighted you made it safely and that you're enjoying yourselves.
Love, from all of us in Barriere

Write 2 The Point said...

Loretta, that is very expensive for you to use the internet! I paid only 1 euro per 30 minutes in Ireland, a much better deal. We had the same trouble you did with the phone cards, so we just didn't call anyone. i wish that our cell phones would work over there--i think if we go back, we will look into that. Have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

to bank, missed 2 buses so walked. we've always had the bus curse, now the comuputer curse. (8 million manage to play world of warcraft expertly and easily) - we seem to be working our way through the alphabet. hot. dog mopes. Took Paul to Greek days. he wouldn't eat a thing, he said the donuts looked too greasy. I said, that's honey, he said you know I don't like honey. But he sat without moving for 1.5 hours to watch the dancing. Colin is home from camping with only minor wounds. Surprisingly he has no bug bites and was boasting he never used bug spray. Such a man. He looks good. I got your video! Live from Holland! Superb! Funny! Good to see you! I love Europe and I've not even been there! Told mummsy everything from our long talk.

Anonymous said...

this for july 6, fri: up at 5:30.
K staggered outside so that makes a relieving early day for her. Put the bathroom clock downstairs so I could sleep. Paul just got up! ...???He'd better go back to bed.(he downloaded WofW last night) Best morning, you have birds too. and a small city skyline at night. very nice. off to work, bye bye. Later: K careened down the stairs and crashed outside to commit hari-kari at the sidegate bec she heard your voices on an old video of our trip to LA that I wierdly pulled up while learning how to work the dvd player by studying the manual.