Saturday, July 28, 2007

We're back home!

We arrived home safe and sound, healthy and with tans, if you can believe it! There was a welcoming committee waiting for us in the front yard, including one excited dog. It was wonderful to be back, although we certainly will talk about our adventures for days to come.

Train travel was interesting. I'm sorry I couldn't blog in Paris, Wales or England. Alas, it became too difficult to use the trains, and we were exhausted by the time we reached our hotels or B & B's.

I'll have to update the blog later, bit by bit, as it's 6 am London time and we haven't slept yet. We did love Paris. The weather was sunny. We got to Cardiff Wales as the monsoon rains hit, and that wasn't too pleasant as some of the trains weren't going through. However we happened to hit the right days when they were working, so we visited Bath twice, which was just an hour away from Cardiff.

We LOVED Bath! We also got to see the place where my paternal Grandma grew up in Penygraig, but I was quite disappointed in the town, as it's like a ghost town, and didn't have much in it. But the houses have been fixed up very nicely, with lovely gardens. We didn't stay there long, as another monsoon was preparing to hit.

I really must get to bed and finish this another day...I'm sorry I couldn't blog while I was in Paris, or any other time. I preferred the Netherlands to anything else we visited. I must be half Dutch...


Linda said...

Welcome home Loretta!! I bet Kelsie was sooo excitted although she seemed to be having a great time with her surrogate family while you were away! We had those monsoons around here also...and I really hope you left the monsoons of England and Wales over there and didn't bring them back with you!! I can't wait to see your photos! Get rested up quickly and then show us all your treasures!! Dakotah has been waiting to see your new doll in the wooden shoes that you told her about in her postcard!!
ps...we missed your blog when you disappeared into Paris and England!!

Write 2 The Point said...

Linda is right, we missed you a ton and are so glad you are done with your vacation. Thanks for the postcard and the updates when you were able to give them. I enjoyed the trip until you left for France! My son sean was just in france and now he is in germany visiting my brother and his family. he will have lots of train stories to tell as well--especially the one where he took the train to a place called Newkirchen instead of neinkirchen and ended up on the austrian border and then had to pay for another train ticket to Neinkirchen and will arrive at 1;30 a.m. tonight! poor kid!

Anonymous said...

About 2 the points' son: that's the funniest thing I heard today. Since my son broke his wrist and elbow last week, not much has made me laugh, but that gets the award. That would SO happen to me. I hope he gets some time in the real village and doesn't have to rush. I like blogs better than emails. and I like the comments. Yes, we were there when the Houb's made their re-appearance, out of the fog, mists and floods, they crawled, straight into their hard beds... Actually, they still have such energy, they even came down and watched P's bard on the beach play Sunday morning! They didn't look the least tired, in fact they look very tanned and healthy. Wow.