Friday, August 3, 2007

Front of our guesthouse in Heerlen.

Just what you've all been waiting for! The FRONT of our guesthouse. Right across the street was the museum with the Roman bath ruins. I was thrilled to be so close to ruins, even though you couldn't see them from the windows. I tried to imagine the Romans taking their baths and relaxation there 2000 years ago, and I couldn't do mind went blank. It's just too long ago!
Matthew is leaning out of the window of the bathroom, where I had my nightly soak in the wonderful bathtub. Not every place in our travels had a tub, and I really appreciated it when I had one. The tubs in Europe are narrow and very deep and the faucets are attached to the middle of the side of the bath. ??
Absolutely NO ONE provides you with a wash cloth. Fortunately I brought my own!

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Write 2 The Point said...

see, we do have a lot in common--I love ruins! IN fact we are going to check out the Sutro Bath ruins while in San francisco this next week. Of course there is nothing ancient about them--more like from the 1930's-50's, but awesome nonetheless.