Friday, August 31, 2007

The Yorkshire moors

The walk was beautiful. I preferred the rolling hills on the right to the imposing moors on the left. The heather blooms in August, but a bit was starting to come out. I picked some to press. I tried to picture Charlotte, Emily and Anne walking along that same path in their long skirts! It's quite arduous; I don't know how they did it. The waterfall was pretty and I sat in Emily's "rock chair".

Robert consulted his map, and we decided to walk back a different way. It was a long way. We had to climb a ladder style. I couldn't get down very quickly. We wanted to have tea somewhere but we could only find 2 stinky pubs so decided to wait till we got back to Haworth.

There were hundreds and hundreds of sheep on the green hills. Matthew "baaahd" a lot at them, and they answered! It cracked me up every time. I would love to own a few sheep on a little farm here. I'd love to have a tea shop for weary walkers on the moors.

We ate supper at the White Lion again. It has superb food! I had roast beef dinner, Robert had steak, and Matthew had a HUGE Yorkshire pudding filled with gravy and roast beef. It filled his whole plate! He was in 7th heaven. We rested in our rooms after all that, and actually went for a walk around the Haworth church graveyard, meandered around a field through the "kissing gate" (very interesting; made out of enter it, then swing the gate behind you and squeeze through the rest of it). People used to be very skinny around here.

We walked through someone's driveway and crossed to the moors. I wonder if the Brontes walked that way too? We passed a dreadful looking stone house. Matthew liked it. Maybe it looks better on the inside. It doesn't look bad when pretty flowers in pots and hanging baskets grow along the stone.

I tried to take a shower afterwards, but only cold water came out. I was very discouraged. I miss my hot baths so much...

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