Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas Chatty Cathy tea (for 2008)

It was a beautiful sunny day in my part of the Lower Mainland, when Linda and I finally had our belated Chatty Cathy Christmas tea yesterday. However, Robert had to shovel 2 feet of heavy snow that just will not melt, in order for Linda to park her car. Vancouver absolutely does not snowplow side streets.

I placed Kit's new Christmas baking set on the coffee table, and the dollies had their tea too. Linda's decal Canadian is on the left, wearing a sweet little dress bought on eBay. My auburn haired Canadian is wearing a stunning creation, made by Linda herself, and given to me yesterday as part of our Christmas swap gifts.

Linda always remembers Kelsie!

Our Christmas tea; egg salad croissants, almonds, mints, cookies, squares, jello salad, and Linda's superb pecan butter tarts. Mmm...

Leona's dolly, Nan, from the 1960's era, came to tea too. The Chatty dolls were delighted!

Close up of the table. It was a marvelous day. Afterwards we watched the "Molly" AG DVD. It's a delightful well filmed story about Molly and her family during World War II. I'm impressed with AG's wonderful line of dolls, accessories and DVD's.


Linda said...

so much fun and the food was delicious! A very big thank you to Robert for shovelling out the parking place too!

Write 2 The Point said...

That looks totally yummy, I am so jealous!