Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My buys at Walmart

An exciting day for sure! I took the bus to the new Walmart in Vancouver and hiked in 3 long blocks to reach the store. I slipped a few times on the black ice, but didn't fall and break anything. The store was owned by Costco for years, but they sold and Walmart moved in.

Here is my tiny buggy with purchases, which I carried home by bus. There were quite a few good deals.

I got a free gift at the door; the completely Oriental calendar on the left. I can't read one word of it! I bought towels, dog treats and food, and my major purchases; 2 lovely repro Barbies by Mattel. Barbie is turning 50 in March!

I always wanted one of these! She was originally produced in 1959.

This is Barbie, produced in 1962.


Linda said...

Good job on the Barbie's!!! They have Malibu Barbie at ours still. But not the one in the red swimsuit. There is a place in your blog settings that you can add a "subscribe" button to and then I believe your subscribers would see your posts in their email. Maybe...

Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

What a haul! It was worth the three block walk and lugging it all on the bus. You did well.

Anonymous said...

Hwy, Loretta. The bottom Barbie is just like the one I still have. I believe I got her in 1963. Ahhhhh, the bubble hairdo! Never forget that!

Linda B