Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My new machine!

I used my Christmas moola and bought a Zutter binding machine on Saturday. I watched the DVD that came with it last night, and put together a project that's been waiting for binding. Please see the picture below, along with my project. (Let me know what you think of it.) It's so cool! I love to scrap book, and I'd seen this machine at Making Memories, but found one for $10 less at the stamp store at Granville Island, so of course bought it there instead. I bought a box of pink steel coils for my project, and last night I punched the holes, which was quite easy to do, and this morning I inserted the pink coils. It looks really neat. I will post a picture of my project later. It turned out really cute. I think I'll have a blast with my new machine.

I went outside and worked in the yard a bit today. I RAKED the snow. Can you believe that? I did it in order to help it melt. So there.

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