Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Switching the subject

OK, I'm finished with the subject of weather for now. Apparently Eastern Canadians are making fun of us in our current emergency state of snow and flooding. They say this is Canada and it snows in the winter so get over it. But they haven't tried driving on a non-plowed side street, or navigating an un-plowed intersection, or getting off a bus and stepping into a 5 foot high snow drift, have they. Humph.

I promised a photo of my new craft room. When Matthew said he might be moving out sometime soon, my heart began to flutter. First, I didn't want him to leave right now, and second, I envisioned his room repainted in a rose pink, with a dolly border which I had designed, shelves full of my doll collection, my sewing machine set up on his desk which he didn't want to keep, some of my fabric stashed in the bureau he left behind (it wouldn't all fit) and our extra folding table placed by the window for a cutting/craft table.

Two days after he left for his new digs, I began the transformation of a room which had been masculine in nature for 14 years. It will take some time to completely change over, but I'm happy with the results so far. Robert set up the table by the window, and for the whole month of December I watched the snowy blizzard storms coating the roof tops and Central Park in the distance, while I crafted Christmas cards.

I send out 71 cards this year. I got around 40 in return. Hmmm...something is fishy here. I kept track of which people sent me a long newsy letter. They in turn will get one next Christmas. The others are knocked off my list permanently. I was quite sick just before Christmas so next year I have a new plan. I'll concentrate on getting the decorations up early, and I'll send my bought cards. I found cards last week that were 90% off. I bought 2 boxes of $24.99 cards for only $2.49 each. Un-believable. Anyhow, this year I plan to make more birthday cards, and forget about Christmas ones as it's too difficult to do them and all the rest of the holiday activities, and I seem to always get sick and I'm sick of it!
Here's a photo of my great craft table. This is the table we usually use for extra dinner guests, and it's usually stored in the pantry. Now it's put to good use! I just love it.
Here's a picture of the rest of the room. Notice the Chatty Cathy dolls. I made the miniature house in 2001. Click to enlarge photos, where you can see the details really well! That's Matthew's grad photo on top of his desk, and Matthew's books which he left behind, with some of mine added in. Robert's mom made the adorable train set, which I put out each Christmas.


Write 2 The Point said...

Nice job Loretta, you have been a busy girl--I guess the recent snowfall has been a good thing for you!

Elaine said...

Hi Loretta -- I really like your new craftroom and displays. I want to comment though, I didn't provide a newsy letter with my christmas card -- does that mean my name is purged? lol

Linda said...

The craft room is coming along nicely. Now you need to add the cork boards and storage bins like in the lottery home and you will be all set. I like it so far though! Have you done any more on the custom border?

Anonymous said...

It looks very nice Loretta... I'm about to start some projects here. Have to get things ship shape for the Fling. Patricia

Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

That's the perfect set up. Enjoy your new space.

Debbie said...

Looks Great Loretta! but where is the mess??? Does that get added later?