Friday, February 6, 2009

My childhood dolls

I've always loved dolls. I got my first doll at age 6 months, for a Christmas gift from my parents. Yes, I still have her along with one original shoe. She was nearly as big as me!
I longed for a Barbie doll when I was older, but my mom thought it best to give me a knock off doll with a flat chest for my 5th birthday. She thought Barbie's big boobs were indecent! Here is a picture of the doll with the case she came in: The dress she is wearing has a bow around the waist. I learned how to tie a bow using this very same dress!

She was purchased at Woolworth's store on Hastings Street. My sister Leona got a matching doll, only her doll had white hair. Here's the doll wearing a red velvet bodice dress, with a tiered satin skirt. I got the dress for Christmas in 1966. I thought it was so elegant. My doll still has her original shoes!

My aunt Frieda (my mom's sister) sent me a package for my 8th birthday; a bendable knee Stacey! I was thrilled with this doll, big boobs and all! I never liked her white hair though.

For my 9th birthday I was allowed to have a birthday party, and my mom gave me this Francie. I had wanted the blonde haired one. My mom thought Francie was a decent doll to give a young girl!

I have the date wrong on this picture. I got Skipper when I was 11 years old; 1971. She's wearing a dress I spent my money on at the local Farmer's Market in New Westminster. It's handmade and was $1.25 back in the 1970's.


Linda said...

That baby picture is sooo cute!! I love all your childhood dolls too. I can't believe you still have things like the shoes all these years later!! I had a blonde Francie. Oh how I loved that doll...

Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

You still have all those dolls! That's amazing. The baby picture is adorable and that doll is huge. You're so fortunate to have so many of your childhood dolls.

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

The baby pictures is adorable- Did you ever have a doll called Tracy? A doll you could pull the hair out to make it longer. Happy Pinks!

ceekay said...

I still have some of my dolls also. But you are kidding right? Do you really have all those Chatty Kathys? My cousin would flip. I never had one, but she would love one! Your header is adorable! Happy PINK Saturday!

Chris said...

Your first doll reminds me of Jill St. John from the James Bond movie: Diamonds Are Forever. What do you think? It’s the dress, the shoes, and the hair style.

Chris Jeffery