Monday, February 9, 2009

Weighing in...155 lbs!

I'm even surprising myself! I'm 155 lbs today. That's a total of 5 lbs lost in 2 weeks. OK, I can live with that. I've cut out ALL chocolate, and all sugar except for the teaspoon in my black tea each morning with breakfast. I think I jiggled another pound off by all the coughing I'm doing, plus yesterday I hardly ate anything as I had no appetite.

In 2004 I weighed 137 lbs. That was only 4 years ago. I blame my weight gain on laziness and my strange metabolism for this time of life, as I'm 48 and things are really strange with my system right now! I cannot believe that in 4 years I gained 20 lbs. It seems so disgusting! Like my sister says; if the weight was evenly distributed all over, that would be one thing, but alas, it's all on my stomach and hip area, and seeing as heart problems run in my mom's side of the family, you think I'd take better care of myself! In 2007 I was 147 lbs after our trip to Europe.

I'm taking one day at a time, and when the urge comes to eat sweets, I chew on a piece of sugarless gum. Plus I'm not baking as much as I used to when Matthew was at home, and when I do bake, I give it all to him! I'm keeping a food journal too, and totaling the calories each day. I'm staying to the 1800 level, and going to the gym twice per week. Of course, this week is out as I'm feeling so lousy with this flu bug.

Anyhow, if I can do it, you can too! (I've decided I like each blog post to have a photo, so here's one of our favourite meals; Swedish meatballs from Ikea, with Lingonberry sauce, potatoes and gravy, and a butter lettuce salad with hothouse tomatoes.)

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Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

Congratulations. You're doing great!