Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

All in all it was a nice week. I'm not sure where it went, but all my weeks do that lately; they go whizzing past and I'm sure you've noticed that too. I've certainly been enjoying my delightful new fridge and stove, especially the stove. The fridge still doesn't have the handle switched to the left side, so that is bothersome. I thought the change would be done in the factory. The delivery men were supposed to have done it, but they didn't have the correct parts. Someone is coming next week to switch it. There was a deep goudge 1" long on one side, so I called Sears to complain. They took $100 off and sent me a tiny bottle of touch up paint! You can't tell where the goudge is now, so I'm quite happy about that.
The crocus photo above was taken in my little backyard garden. At first there were two, then they multiplied this past year to eight. I had a difficult time saving them from the snow and frost this year. We've had an unseasonaly cold March. Usually by this time of year I've mowed the lawn at least twice but the grass is frozen solid and not growing. Well, it leaves more time for Spring Cleaning!

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Linda said...

pretty flowers! I still haven't made it up the hill to take pictures of the ones blooming in the round a bout and by the time I do get there they will probably be water logged and dead...sigh!