Monday, March 30, 2009

My 190th post!

I'm hooked on blogging. It doesn't even matter if no one reads my blog; I'm not stopping! I've journaled since the age of ten, and this is even better than journaling in a common notebook. I can add pictures! One day I'll try adding sound. I haven't got that brave yet...

My pink Saturday post the other day has so many comments. I think people don't like to read about dolls, they prefer nature! Or else they are all longing for SPRING as much as I am. There are hints of spring around, but it isn't quite truly here yet. Thanks to all of you who come to my little blog world!

I picked up the little tag below at Penniwig's blog which I discovered today:

Truly I could spend all day on the computer looking at the fantastic, original, delightful, and fascinating blogs out there. Some people are so talented and unique. My blog feels "flat" beside theirs, but maybe I'll improve. Anyhow, enjoy this Monday and go and visit Penniwig's!

1 comment:

Teragram Nebuoh said...

I read it! Keep it up and don't stop... seeing all your posts makes me get mine done (eventually)