Monday, March 9, 2009

Weighing in...152 or 153 lbs

I'm fluctuating. Sometimes I'm 152, sometimes I'm 153 lbs. It's dreadful. I blame it on the weather, which has caused me to be very sick twice this winter. Guess what it did today? Snowed 3". But the sun came out in the afternoon and most of it melted away, as it should do at this time of the year.

I used my Mel B workout DVD twice last week. It's a lot of fun! I really enjoy it, and I actually look forward to doing the workout. I did it again this morning. I love the exercises for the arms and bum and stomach. It's very intense. After the first day, I could really feel it. My pants are fitting better now. That's a good sign.


Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

I found a Cher workout tape at the resale shop last week. I'm not sure I'll actually exercise to it, but I had to have it since I'm a Cher fan. I've been walking outside, but soon it will be too warm and I'll have to exercise here or walk at the mall.

Linda said...

And how did the weigh in go after the big weekend away?? I am scared to check and find out...we ate rather well!