Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kelsie's 8th birthday!

Kelsie, our Jack Russel terrier
Kelsie's 8th birthday, with yes; 8 candles on her doggie cake!
Our tradition is to make a "cake" consisting of soft dog food,
roast chicken (or the meat we used in our meal) cottage cheese,
and cheddar cheese sprinkled on top!
(Matthew is 20)

Kelsie after an exhausting day!
(with her new toy monkey)
Please scroll down to view other birthday photos.

June 24, when Kelsie came home with us!

Matthew playing with Kelsie until she fell asleep in his lap.

Kelsie's 1st birthday: April 28, 2002
(Matthew was 13)

Kelsie's 2nd birthday: April 28, 2003
(Matthew was 14)

Kelsie's 3rd birthday: April 28, 2004
(Matthew was 15)

Kelsie's 4th birthday: April 28, 2005
(Matthew was 16)

Kelsie's 5th birthday: April 28, 2006
(Matthew was 17)

Kelsie's 6th birthday: April 28, 2007 (6 candles wouldn't fit)
(Matthew was 18)

Kelsie's 7th birthday: April 28, 2008
(Matthew was 19)

Loretta Houben


Anonymous said...

Hi Loretta,

I'm so glad you aren't going to quit. I know it is discouraging at times but if you keep leaving comments people will eventually start leaving them for you...and the ones who don't "oh well, for them.

I joined your list of followers today.


Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

I hope Matthew is coming over for the annual picture. Happy Birthday to Kelsie. Sophie is 8 years old too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Loretta, Nice to meet you. What a cute dog you have. I agree with Kris (Tres belle) with whom I correspond. Does not discourage, follow others blogs, leave comments and surely your will have replies. Have a nice day and thank you for your comments on my blog.