Tuesday, September 29, 2009

10 months ago today

Matthew moved out exactly 10 months ago today.
He was so excited! I was the opposite.
He is still alive ten months later. Tee hee.
I still miss him dreadfully.
However, every Tuesday evening he comes by for a home cooked meal.
Tonight we had a chicken Madras curry stew. It was delicious, and so was the dessert pictured in the post below.
And we still do things together. Last evening we attended the VSO symphony at the Orpheum Theatre. It was a fantastic evening of heavenly music.

Isn't the Orpheum grand? It's 82 years old.
Here's Matthew and I on the stairs. We have seats in the orchestra section on the ground floor.
We splurged and gave each other season tickets for our Christmas gift this year.
I took pictures before the program began, as you’re not allowed to take them afterwards during the performance. The music was heavenly. I adore classical music. It releases all the tension in my body. The first piece was a new arrangement by a young composer aged 37. (to me that’s young) It was astounding. It followed a theme from a children’s story about Katy the Loose Caboose, written by Bill Peet. Have you ever heard of it? The composer re-told the story, and then the orchestra played the composition. It actually sounded like a train. It was so cool!

Then a violinist named Shlomo Minx played for half an hour, without any music in front of him. It was just beautiful. I can’t understand how anyone can do that. After intermission, we listened to another hour of Tchaikovsky. It was delightful. I felt saturated to the eyebrows. By this time it was 10:30 and we were all starved. We went to a delicious crepe place right around the corner, and I had an egg crepe while M & R shared a hamburger and very good French Fries. Then we split a Nutella and whipped cream crepe between us. Yummy. I slept like a log! It was such a fun evening.


peppermint said...

What a delightful evening! Isn't it fun to do things like that with your grown children? You're making great memories.

Jacqueline said...

This is one of those milestone moments you will never forget. It's worth many rocks in the rocking chair and front porch sittings...so lovely. No I have not heard of the loose caboose...yikes, I hope there were no gnomes riding back there! The train company really should put in seat belts, gnome size. We vote YES!

helen said...

It is so nice to go to the VSO with your son. Don't they grow up fast? Wasn't it yesterday you were taking him to Toys are Us? You are so fortunate.

Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the symphony.

Your Chattys look so cute. Mine are so neglected and I sometimes think about selling them, but then I can't. They're still dressed from last Christmas and Valentine's Day.