Monday, September 21, 2009

The 1960's...Oprah Edition

It's the oddest thing. Last week I found the above link on a blog, so I made a little picture of "myself" using the fun gadgets the link has. I've never heard of "Mad Men". However, I was born in 1960, and love the memories I have of that time, foggy though they may be.
Today on the Oprah show, which I rarely watch, Oprah had a flashback to the 1960's and she was wearing a girdle which killed her, and a gorgeous pink dress. Her hairdo was swept up on top of her head, and she had dangling earrings.
On the episode there were different items shown from the 60's: TV commercials and shows, toys, music, etc. One of the toys Oprah had on display was CHATTY CATHY! She said she always wanted one, but her parents couldn't afford the $16 price.
My mom said the same in 1964, when she bought a Chatty Cathy for me and my younger sister. She had to put the dolls on her Sears charge card in order to purchase them!
If you'd like to take a trip down memory lane and see me and my Chatty Cathy, please visit
Oprah also had an interview with two people from the show, "Mad Men". I learned more about it, and although I don't think I'd like the plotline much, I know I'd love the fashions and furniture!
I enjoyed Oprah's show today!

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Jacqueline said...

Dog gone it, I wish I would have seen that. Today I was in Snohomish all day, looking for gnomes and childrens books. My Chatty was bought at the Bellingham Sears store in the 60's. She is the one doll, I wish I still had. I also liked Tippy Toes.