Friday, September 25, 2009

An Indian summer day at the beach

My friend, Linda and I, had a "field trip" yesterday.
You'll notice that I'm not wearing a jacket or sweater. It was 22 C by the water, and approx 28 C inland. We are enjoying the weather sooooo much!
Here I am standing beside the beach in White Rock.
Another picture of the glorious day at White Rock.
We had lunch at the Coney Island Fish & Chip place next to this beach.
The fish was superb!

Here is Linda's favourite house along the waterfront.
Wouldn't you LOVE to live here?
White Rock is nearly as beautiful as Metchosin on Vancouver Island. I am in my new house.
This is the Winfall Lottery home in White Rock. All proceeds go to the BC children's hospital. 3 tickets are $100. Alas, I didn't buy any, having run out of cash.

Linda and I drove to Crescent Beach in White Rock, and she gave me a tour of her old neighbourhood where she spent 10 years of her childhood. This is where she used to live. She hated it, but I think I would have loved it! I'm standing on a pier to take the picture; the house faces the ocean! (or Boundary Bay or whatever the body of water is called)

We found a house on the next street, appropriately named for Linda!
It's for sale. I love this design.
This is Crescent Beach. We went here one time when I was young. My mom remembers it; she said my little sister, Marlene, loved hard boiled eggs for lunch, and we had a picnic here. Marlene's egg rolled off the plate into the sand. I don't remember this. I wonder if Marlene does! I've thought about this beach quite a bit over the years, and I was happy to discover it again. I couldn't figure out why the beach had so many rocks! I remember wishing that it had sand. Who knew that Linda lived in walking distance of this beach, when we visited it so long ago?
It was a gorgeous Indian summer day. Thank you Linda, for making some more wonderful memories!


Jacqueline said...

Before I forget, YES, I want a Chatty Calender and I will email you soon.
Hey, when you were in Whiterock could you see me in Bellingham? If you are ever down this way, I would LOVE to meet you! We can bring our dolls along for!

Helen said...

I forget how beautiful White Rock is. Thank you for the pictures.