Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vintage school photos

I was scanning in a few old photos, so thought I'd put these in my blog.
The picture above is my Grade Two class at Sir Wilfred Grenfell School.
I loved school! Can you guess which one is me?
The picture above is Leona's Grade Two class.
Which one is she?

Here's Marlene's Grade Two class. We all attended the same school.
I wonder if Marie has her photos? I scanned Leona's in tonight; I got Marlene's from her Facebook page. I love how the fashions changed.


Linda said...

you are the right side of the photo on the end sitting...front row!

Linda said...

Leona...first row of sitting girls in white sweater and tights, forth from the left.

Linda said...

Marlene..(I am guessing as I can't remember what she looks like)...first girl on the left side in the first row in a blue jumper...she looks like you if this is her!