Monday, October 19, 2009

An autumn tea

Due to the extreme heat of the past summer, I neglected to host a Chatty Cathy tea.
Now that the temperatures have dropped and autumn is here, once again I invited a few friends
and one sister over for tea!
I didn't wish to really dig out my beautiful begonias, so I transplanted them
to another pot, in order to put in the Fall mums.
I just love mums!
These 2 darling dolls belong to Linda. The one on the left is a Chatty Cathy,
dressed in a lovely outfit by Debbie Gibbons on eBay.
The other doll is Molly from American Girl company.
The neat thing about our collection is that both dolls are by Mattel!
The 2 darling vintage Chatty dolls on the left belong to Isabelle.
She has dressed them so cute!
Isabelle, Linda and Kelsie sitting down for tea.
(Kelsie the dog always loves to be included in pictures!)

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Jacqueline said...

Tea time...for all dolls and friends. Today in Bellingham I was at Aladdins Antiques and found a Chatty with an original swim suit it said (darker blue) but a child or some human, cut the poor Chatty's hear up past her ears. It broke my heart, maybe Dolly Mama should go back and rescue her! I still want the Chatty Calender. I'll email you soon and send a money order if that's okay?