Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween doll clothes swap

I love to sew. I haven't been in the sewing mood for 18" dolls for a very long time.
So when my online American Girl doll club announced a Halloween swap, I decided to join in the fun! This is what I made for my swap friend, Marti. This isn't my own pattern. I bought it online from a talented designer. It is fun to sew! If you click on the picture you can see it larger.
The skirt is actually 12 piecies of squares sewed together, with a ruffle on the bottom, and a piece on the top. It's called a twirl skirt.
My swap pal received her gift today and she loves it. Whew!


Linda said...

That is sooo cute, Loretta! Your swap pal got a very lovely outfit!


Deanna said...

Loretta! Oh my gosh, I thought I had lost your blog! I remember you and Linda both at Pink Saturday. I'm going to go visit Linda! Hope you are doing well and the dolls look fabulous!

Deanna :D