Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A trip to the dentist

I've been coming to this building that I associate with pain, since 1972.
That is a long time to be seeing one dentist!
His name is Dr. Lawrence Cheevers.
I cannot count the times he has worked on my teeth.
He is a great guy. My Mom had her first job just across the street from this building.
She was a clerk for Scotia Bank in 1956 - 1959. The bank building is gone, and now a
coffee shop is in its place, next to the Broadway Skytrain Station.
She needed a dentist one day, so she hopped across the street to the building pictured above, where Dr. Michaelson became her dentist. Dr. Cheevers took over his practise when he retired.
A lovely autumn view of the Marine Building in downtown Vancouver.

Dressew, a wonderful sewing/fabric shop on Hastings Street, in downtown Vancouver.
The building used to be a Woolworth's store.

Two neat thin buildings near Cordova Street.

Along the old suburban line near my house, looking up from where the tracts used to run.
The Skytrain now zips along this route, but it's built higher up on an elevated track.
(hence the name)
I love looking up at these homes, which were built around the turn of the
last century.

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