Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Sunday School Program - 1965

Christmas 1965
Sunday School Program
Flash forward from the last post I wrote, 9 years in the future, to 1965.
Jack & Susie Williams now had 3 little girls in their household.
Two of the little girls loved to sing.
If you click on the photo below, you'll see their names; Loretta & Leona Williams.
(For some reason, not many people could spell my name correctly, including my Grandma!)
I was 5 years old, Leona was 3, Marlene was 5 months.
The thing I loved about the Christmas program was the gift from our teacher afterwards.
I think it was this year that I got a small plastic doll in a small plastic crib.
Of course I was tickled! I think the presents were bought at the 5 and 10 store.
Everyone also got a treat, including the grown-ups.
We would go up the aisle, past the Pastor's office, where we were given a brown paper bag, which had candy, a madarin orange, candy cane, a pencil and peanuts.

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Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

And somebody had to type the program on a manual typewriter (using White-Out if they made a mistake) and then they all had to be printed.

I was in some of those Christmas programs too, but I don't think the programs still exist!