Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy 39th birthday, Marie!

This is my sister Marie.
I cannot believe she is 39 today!
I remember when she was born. My Grandma stayed with us overnight, and in the morning, around 6 am when my Mom called from the hospital, Grandma breathlessly answered the phone. She said "It's twins?" and we screamed.
Of course, my Mom was kidding. We were happy it was a girl.
It was a very snowy winter. We picked Mom up at the hospital a few days later, just in time for Christmas, and I remember sliding down the hill from Burnaby General Hospital on the icy roads. My Mom held Marie on her lap!!!! There were no car seats for babies in those long ago days, and we didn't wear seat belts either.
That was a special Christmas with a new little baby in the house.
I was 10 years old. Between the baby sister and the gigantic snow drifts outside, it's surely a Christmas I'll never forget!


Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

Happy Birthday Marie! Even in that baby picture she looks just like you. I can really tell you're sisters.

By the way, she's the same age as my middle son. He turned 39 the end of October. :)

Ally said...

What a great story. I blogged about my brother being born only I was very unhappy about the fact that Mommy had a boy baby. Very cute! Happy B'day to your sister!