Monday, January 4, 2010

The 11th day of Christmas

I found Robert's old photos.
I'm not sure of the dates, as he has labeled them inconsistently!
Some of them are marked 1964, and some 1965.
So take your pick!
Dora has long hair in the photo above, but short hair in the photo down below, so I know these are different years.
Robert is in the back of the top photo, proudly wearing his army helmet.
This is taken in Lydia Wise's home. That's Lydia beside Robert.
They called her "Miss Lydia" although she was married.
Robert on the left.

Robert with his Mother's manger scene.
This is 1964 or 1965. Alas, the pictures were not labelled.

Christmas 1969, 40 years ago.
Antoon, Sylvia, Dad, Margaret, Dora, Mum,
Wim and Robert.
Flash forward to 2002!
Paul, Matthew, Ashley, Colin and James, the Christmas Cousins.
This is the only professional photo taken of the cousins.
We are a sad lot!

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