Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 15 of the 2010 Olympics

The weather has changed. It does that a lot around here. I didn't feel like getting up at 6:30 in order to leave the house early, in order to get in a line up to visit the Art Gallery for free, but I did. No, the picture above isn't of the Art Gallery. That shows the line up for the Royal Mint!
Here is the Art Gallery, which used to be the provincial courthouse. The building was designed by Francis Rattenbury, who also designed the Empress Hotel in Victoria, and the Parliament Buildings. The Art Gallery has been here since 1983.

Inside the stairwell.

The lineup outside the Gallery, which stretched down to Georgia St, and up around the next block! I waited for one hour, arriving at 9 am. It was worth it, as I saw 32 of Leonardo da Vinci's body drawings. I was so fascinated, I bought a book about them. The drawings are from the Royal Collection belonging to Queen Elizabeth. I would love to know why they are in such good condition. I asked the guy in the gift shop, but he didn't know the answer.
Robson Square. I was famished when I exited the Gallery, so I went to Chapters across the street, and had a cup of hot tea and a piece of bannana bread. I even got a seat!

I had a neat view of the Art Gallery and Robson Square from Chapters 3rd floor window. It was a good day for Canada. We won a silver medal in women's curling, and 2 gold medals in speed skating, and HURRAH! the men won the intense, nail biting hockey game against poor Slovakia. Now they will battle it out on Sunday with the USA. My brother in law and my nephew have box seats for this game. I'm actually jealous!
At a local flower shop. I hope all this enthusiasm sticks around for the next year!

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