Thursday, February 4, 2010

A blog giveaway for 2010 Olympics!

My Bleuette dolls are holding 2 of the 2010 Olympic mascots.
One is Sumi, one is Miga.
If you know who is who, please leave a comment, and your name will be entered into a draw on the weekend.
Your grand prize (I wish it was bigger but postage is exorbitant this year) will be a darling one of a kind special Sumi 2010 Winter Olympic postcard!
The excitement is building! The Olympics are coming!


Linda said...

miga is the black and white one and sumi the one in green


Jacqueline said...

I think Sumi has the dark hair...Hi my Enchanted Friend...don't forget your over at The Enchanted Playhouse...see postings...Lights, camera, action!