Thursday, February 11, 2010

Olympic Torch Flame in Collingwood Vancouver

I took a picture of my computer, watching the torch relay live in Burnaby.
I decided it was time to go and find my own excitement!
At noon we walked up to Boundary Rd and Kingsway.
This is the sort of street entertainment we have in our part of Vancouver; Tree People.
What can anyone say? This is outside Starbucks. The freebies had already been handed out.
We did get 2 flags.
Here is handsome Paul, (blonde hair, to the left) my nephew.
He was so busy with the crowds he could barely say hello!
Myself, wearing my hat and Olympic red mittens.
We walked to Safeway down Kingsway but there were way too many crowds! We walked back to Boundary, and stopped 2 blocks before the other mobs of people.
It all seemed like a dream. It was much easier to take photos in the overcast day, than in bright sunshine, but it isn't as pretty. I was so happy it wasn't pouring! No matter where I stand, people always dart right in front of me!

Robert's photo of us; this is the torch bearer, Andrea Jensen, according to the time slot on the Twitter page.

Now THIS is a cool shot! We hooted and hollered!
There she goes, running towards the next mob of people!

This is the back of the previous runner, Charlie Meszkenyi. It was a fun day!
PS: I was also interviewed by a Japanese TV station, so somewhere in Japan I may appear on the News!
Here's a link to a Youtube Clip of this torch relay.


Linda said...

I saw them exchange the torch on the live feed!!! and I saw Starbucks....lots of people there...and I couldn't find you...I saw one white coat but the lady was oriental....


Teragram Nebuoh said...

Domo Arigato for posting the pictures, Loretta... lol!
Very cool!

Anonymous said...

famous in Japan! now when you visit over there, you will be mobbed. they will run up just to touch you. so fun - are mummsy and daddsy famous too? -Leona

Caths Pennies Designs said...

Look at you so cute in your hat and mittens. You had several brushes with greatness today! Lucky you! How exciting it must be to be there.

Sandy said...

I'm so excited for you to be there!!! I did watch the Opening and again today the speed skating... I love the Olympics and your photos are wonderful.. enjoy being there!