Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Writing Endeavors

Well, let's see; do these antique dolls have anything to do with writing?
Hmmm...However, even though I went on a marvelous road trip this past weekend with my husband and friend, Linda P, I'm still reading through the Ukrainian history books, and mulling over my novel's story line. I seem to need percolation time! I don't really know how authors write what they do. It's a mystery to me. I'm satisfied with my blogging attempts this past year! Writing is a dedicated and lonely art.
I finished "The Kulak's Daughter" by Gabriele Goldstone. I thought it was well written but it is unbearably sad. I loaned it to my Mom, who read it over the weekend. She could hardly finish it. But it's based on a true story about the author's mother's life in Ukraine in 1930. This is the life my own Mom would have had to endure, as her grand-parents also lived in Volhynia. Every day I wake up with a profound thankfulness that I am living in Canada. My blessings are numerous!

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