Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Writing Endeavors

Spring 1937
My Mom on the left, age 4, and her cousin Louise Keene.
I wish I could step back into time!
Today I purchased "The German Russians" by Karl Stumpp online. It isn't cheap! It's an out of print book that my aunt Pat used to gather information to write the large book about my mom's side of the family. Maybe once I have it in my hands, the writing will flow. I don't know how to buckle down and begin my novel. It sits in my head, waiting to be born. I feel like I'm lacking confidence. This is something that no one can help me do. I'm on my own.

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Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Maybe you're putting it off because you're afraid to finish. Once you finish it will either be good or not. As long as you don't start you'll never know. I think that's why I sometimes put off finishing things.