Friday, April 30, 2010

You are invited to...

While browsing through one of my favourite blogs, I came upon an invitation to the above; a Mad Hatter Tea Party on June 26th, 2010. Well, this is really my cup of tea! I haven't been the same since watching the new Alice movie last month. I've re-read Alice in Wonderland, and I just finished reading a very thick volume of Charles Dodgson's life, by Morton N. Cohen, plus I've just finished creating a new Alice dress for my Bleuette doll, and am now working on a white rabbit with a waistcoat and a pocket watch.
On Vanessa's blog (above and in my side bar) she says, Jenny Wolf, author of "The Mystery of Lewis Carroll", will visit her blog on June 26th. So I had to sign up! If you visit my blog on that day, I will be having some sort of Alice/rabbit/teapot/tea give-a-way, so be sure to come back for a wonderful tea party!

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