Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time for sewing

As most of you know, I love to sew.
I inherited this love from my maternal Grandmother, Helen Brutke.
Last year when I discovered Bleuette, I was in 7th heaven.
Bleuette was made in 1905 in order for little French girls to learn the fine art of handsewing.
She was issued for FREE for the first year, to all new subscribers of "La Semaine de Suzette", a French magazine for children.
From 1905 - 1960, a new pattern was created each week.
(except during the war years)
The antique Bleuette dolls are very expensive, so I indulge in the reproductions which are now more readily available, thanks to the collectors and doll makers who celebrated Bleuette's 100th birthday in 2005 by making reproductions of this darling doll.
Deirdre Gawn has a lovely website with English translations of some of the adorable patterns.
I'm pleased she is doing this just for me! (not really, but I sure appreciate her time and effort)

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peppermint said...

How adorable! Such darling machines. BTW, Happy Belated birthday! Have a wonderful weekend!


Oh, I noticed a lot more people have signed up to follow you. I remember when I first signed up and you had mentioned that no one was seeing your blog. You've come a long way! Good for you!