Monday, July 26, 2010

Memory Monday: Matsqui CNR train station

Robert had asked me to look through our old photos and memorabilia to locate a picture of him standing beside the Matsqui CNR train station.
Why, you may ask? Because he used to live in it! I'm sure he'll post all the details on his blog.

I found the picture of him, taken in July 1982 (even back then I was an archivist) after much searching. I had taken it out of the photo box, and put it in an album.
The above card was purchased in 1985, a print by a local BC artist; Dianna Ponting.
I'm glad we bought it, as a Google search online doesn't turn up anything for the old Matsqui train station, which was torn down sometime in the late 1980's.

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Helen said...

Robert used to live in Matsqui CNR train station??
I have to hear more about this. This is very interesting informaton.