Monday, September 13, 2010

Memory Monday and 500th post!

55 years ago on Sept 3, my parents were married in a lovely garden ceremony in Amity, Oregon. My Mom was born in the house where her wedding reception was held.
I always thought my parents looked like movie actors!
My Mom was 22 and my Dad was 26.
They honeymooned at the Oregon coast then drove to Canada with my Mom's possessions in a U-haul trailer.
My parents celebrated 55 years of marriage this month!
They were married in 1955. I love how the numbers match.
I think they deserve a medal and recognition from the government!
Too bad they couldn't get a cash reward or a cruise or something.
I'm so thankful I had such wonderful parents who raised me and my 3 sisters in a loving Christian home. Each day I live I gain a new appreciation for all they gave me.
I thank God for them and for their example in how to live a married life filled with happiness in serving God, and in loving each other with respect and devotion.
It isn't easy, but it is possible!
My Mom's parents are on the left: Adolph and Helen Brutke.
My Dad's parents are on the right: Alma May and John Williams.
And this is my 500th post!

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Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

I love those pictures, and I see you have your mom's smile! So where did they meet if she was from Oregon and he was from Canada? You're really up to 500 posts? I think I still have quite a ways to go.