Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Bounty

Leona enjoys coming over on Saturday evenings to watch Midsommer Murder Mysteries on TV. She no longer has Cable so we meet twice per week, and enjoy some shows together, Midsommer being our favourite of all. Recently I decorated the coffee table in autumn colours. Leona decorated the darling pumpkin.

Our Small Group had a marvelous potluck dinner on Thanksgiving Sunday.
Doesn't this feast look delicious? I made the 7th Heaven layered salad.

 On Thanksgiving Day I woke up with a splitting migraine.
I hadn't planned dinner this year, so it was a good thing.
We ordered Swiss Chalet in the evening; Robert went to pick it up and it was yummy.
On Tuesday evening I'd planned to have Matthew over for Thanksgiving dinner, but he got the flu, so instead I had my parents and Leona.
We had bought a free range turkey from Windsor Butcher shop on Main St.
We all agreed this was the BEST turkey we've ever eaten. It cost $45 for a 13 lb bird.
It was worth every penny. There were lots of leftovers which we split 3 ways, including a microwave dinner for Matthew, who we missed very much.


Shelley said...

Enjoyed your post...the food and fellowship looks certainly have much to be thankful for...don't we all?.....
I was wondering if you mind if I saved the picture of your Chatty Cathy dressed in her precious Raggedy Ann dress?I would love to post it on the sidebar of my Raggedy Ann blog.

Celestial Charms said...

What a wonderful spread for your potluck! Beautifully presented too!

Deanna said...

What a lovely feast. I can imagine how delicious the turkey must have been!

Will you share the Seventh Heaven salad recipe? My mouth started to water when I looked at the!

Deanna :D