Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beautiful autumn weather

We are having unusual warm and balmy weather, and I'm loving it! So is Kelsie. She and I haven't been shedding the pounds like we should, so I take her for a 1/2 hour walk each afternoon.
Here she is in the fall leaves near a park close to us. We have many parks nearby, including the huge Central Park on Kingsway, but we rarely go to that one as it's too far to get to on foot.
Today it was around 20 C where I live. It's amazing. I walked to my "new" gym this morning. It takes me half an hour to get there, and after my routine, I walk to Metrotown, so that's a lot of walking.
I hadn't been to the gym since August, as there was loud drilling underneath due to construction of a new parking lot, and then my gym changed from "Just Ladies Fitness" to "She's Fit" so they did remodelling in the gym. It's lovely. There's many new machines, and new carpet. It felt sooooo good to be back!

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