Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

The beautiful centerpiece, which I bought downtown at a lovely flower shop.

Kelsie knew which stocking was hers!

Who is this blue mummy?

Christmas morning with lovely gifts.

The Christmas table.
Marie gave me the gorgeous Christmas boquet.

Dad, Mom, Marie, James, Ashley, Leona, Matthew, Robert H.
Robert B and Paul in back.

The same, except for me at the end.

Yummy. We had a feast. My mom made the homemade gravy, and brought the veggie dishes.
We supplied the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and drinks.
My parents and the Brauns, though, helped pay for the turkey. It was free range, grain fed from Windsor Meats on Main St, and it was SUPERB. There's a VAST difference between this kind of turkey and a frozen one from Safeway. We had a wonderful Christmas Day. Matthew organized the games which were a riot, including charades. We wish Dan & Marlene could have been here too.

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