Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas memories...present; 2010

I've enjoyed the Gothard Sisters website for around 5 years or more. I don't remember when I began to follow it, but it's my "cup of tea" as it's all about dolls. Lately I can't understand why I enjoy collecting dolls so much, or why I enjoy looking at doll blogs and websites, or why I like to meet doll collectors, but it's just how I am! Recently I noticed that the Gothard Sisters also perform at shows in the Washington area. They've just released a Christmas CD too, so when I was ordering it, I asked Greta, (the oldest sister) if they were performing this month, and she directed me to their music website.
I saw that they would be at Geoffrey Castle's Christmas show in Kirkland WA on Dec 3, so I asked my hubby if he'd like to take a day off and drive down to see them, and he said sure!
So that's what we did on Friday, Dec 3, and it was a gorgeous day from start to finish.
The weather was beautiful; cold, crisp and clear. We did Christmas shopping, checked into a Comfort Inn around 4:00 and had a little nap, then headed to downtown Kirkland after supper and watched a phenomenal show. We were entranced. I'd never heard of Geoffrey Castle before; he's a local musician. He played an electric violin with a pianist and drummer for backup, and the Gothard sisters performed twice, playing violin, Irish drum, and doing Irish dance. It was a wonderful weekend.
(Please click on all the above highlighted links for more info on these fantastic artists!)

Someone kindly took a photo of me with Willow (in red), Greta (in blue) and Solana.
I enjoyed meeting them; they are a beautiful and talented group of young ladies!

By Loretta Houben

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