Thursday, January 6, 2011

Continuing case of the mysterious Rubber Doll

Back in April 2010 I blogged about one of my dolls which appears in so many childhood photos.
I still have this doll and hope to make a duplicate of the dress she's wearing above, once I clean her up.
She's become very sticky over the years! She's made of rubber. Recently I asked my Mom if she could remember where she got her from, as she appears to have been one of my favourite dolls. I guess the doll was just the right size for me.
My Mom exclaimed "How can I remember that?" But she racked her brains, and she said "I believe I bought her from Rexall Drugstore on Kingsway, just across the street from where the Chinese Bakery is now."
I thought at first that I could see the word "Rexall" on the back of the doll's neck, but on further inspection it says "Reliable" which was a Canadian toy company.
I've put a link in my sidebar to take you to my original post, and I plan to update it with more photos, as yes, I've found more of them!

By Loretta Houben


Helen said...

Your mom have a very good memory.
I don't think I could remember it was from Rexall. I don't think I know that drug store.

Teragram Nebuoh said...

Hey Loretta, contact the Rexall company at and ask them about the doll - they should be able to tell you lots!