Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, dear Matthew!

Today is Matthew's 22nd birthday.
We celebrated last night as he had to work today.
Matthew doesn't like cake; he never has. So I made him a heart shaped huge brownie from a Betty Crocker mix, and added chocolate chips on top while it was hot out of the oven. When they melted, I spread a layer over the brownie. It was delicious.

My parents came over for roast beef dinner.
Leona lives here now so she didn't have far to go!
We bought the roast beef from Windsor Meat's on Main St and it was delicious too.
I baked potatoes with it in my special PNE pot (made in Germany) and I made homemade gravy, and also baked carrots in the oven and sprinkled with dill after. Yummy. Oh, there was also Yorkshire Pudding.

A close up of the meal, using my Royal Albert Dimity Rose china, which is used for all birthday celebrations. Leona brought the lovely flowers.

Afterwards we played a rousing game of dominoes and this was the end result.
We also looked at entertaining pictures of the boys when they were young.
Where have the happy years flown?

Kelsie was in raptures that everyone was over and celebrating in style.
She loves birthday parties, and when we sing "Happy Birthday" she whines until she is sitting on the birthday person's lap! It was a nice evening. Matthew collected a lot of moola.
Have a wonderful year, Matthew!


Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Happy Birthday Matthew! Reid has never liked birthday cake either. We used to have birthday pizza when he was little.

The meal looked delicious. I've never been sure about Yorkshire Pudding. Is it a dessert or a side dish?

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to Matthew! Your dinner looks delicious!