Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tasty Tuesday...Orange Chicken

I tried this zesty orange chicken last Tuesday, and it was the best recipe yet!
I'll find the recipe for you and add it here later. You simply MUST try it!


Teragram Nebuoh said...

Looks yummy - if it isn't too sweet I'll try the recipe.

Jacqueline said...

My goodness Loretta. I come here with my head hung low. I have not been to visit in months.
I heard about the Cloverdale Mall shutting down. What a darn shame! I have a small doll and miniature area in my new store in Lynden. I've taken pictures if you have time to peek or better yet...come see me! Open Mon-Saturday.
I have Madame Alexanders in, Ginny and Strawberry Shortcake right now.
The shop is filling up in a very cute way.