Monday, March 28, 2011

Memory Monday...Easter Vacation 1973 and my 600th post!

Easter Vacation, 1973; Prospect Point in Stanley Park.
My Dad often took a week off for Easter Vacation. That's what it was called in those long ago days in the 1970's. We LOVED Easter vacation! We usually went to Stanley Park in the bitterly cold spring wind, wearing our thin little spring jackets. After all, it was spring, and no more winter coats for us!
Here we are; me, my Mom holding Marie (2 years old) Marlene, and Leona.
My Mom is nearly 40 in these photos; that's the age Marie is right now!

We also went to Spanish Banks near the UBC area. There were hardly any people here at that time of year! Look at the Vancouver skyline. If you click on the photos, they are really large.

On the Stanley Park miniature train. Once again I'm wearing a scarf; I guess that's my Russian streak emerging. Aren't we cute?

Marie on the teeter totter; we loved going on these things. Notice that she's wearing a harness!
In the beautiful garden at Stanley Park. I love this photo.
I'm so glad my parents took lots of darling pictures of us while growing up. Just looking at them brings back such happy memories!

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