Monday, April 11, 2011

Memory Monday...Easter 1974

Easter 1974. Marie (age 3) finding her basket. She was very excited!
We loved this tradition. I had the same basket for a long time, as long as I lived at home, and yes, I still have it! I loved the smell of all the chocolates combined in the straw. It was a heavenly aroma!

Dad with his family of girls, underneath the blooming cherry tree.
Leona refused to take off her winter coat. I'm wearing the green smocked dress, with Marlene in front of me, and Marie in my Dad's arms. I think my Dad was quite proud of his family of young women.

I just love this picture of Marie and my Dad!

Here we are in our Easter finery, holding our full baskets. I think my Mom had fun putting them together the night before, and hiding them all over the house. They wound up in the most interesting places.


Shelley said...

You have such wonderful memories and pictures to remember them by...thanks for sharing them with us...blessings

Kay Ellen said...

oh how special I love old photos of Easter celebrations...makes me want to take a look at our old photos too!

Happy PS!!
Enjoyed your posts:))

Kay Ellen

monah said...

Happy Pink Saturday,

My first visit...

You have a very sweet blog.

Please stop by too.