Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our 29th anniversary!

The happy couple, 29 years ago.
It doesn't really seem possible. Truthfully it doesn't feel like 29 years!
I guess age is all in your head.

The nervous bride with her equally nervous father.
It felt like a hazy dream.
I really liked my wedding bouquet and my dress, which had to be downsized 3 or 4 sizes in order to fit me!
I wish I had done my hair differently, but this was the 1980's when we really didn't overdo anything.
I had wanted to get married in a field wearing gingham, so I guess this was quite fashionable for me!

The bride's family.
Marie, Marlene, Leona, myself and Robert, my Mom, Susie, and my Dad, Jack.

Parents of the bride and groom:
Tony and Ruth Houben on the left, Jack and Susie Williams on the right.

Saying our wedding vows. I quoted part of the book of Ruth, and I nearly forgot my lines.
I was so nervous. I never was into big crowds, and the church was packed.
However, we're still married 29 years later and that's all that counts.


Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

What a beautiful wedding. Happy Anniversary!

Miss Rhea said...

Happy Anniversary !! I showcased your pretty collage !! Hugs :) :):)